June 18, 2009


N: A NEST of Eastern BLUEBIRD eggs, in our bluebird box, at the back of the property. Two years in a row! And, how awesome is this? While doing dishes the past few days, I've been watching one of the new parents slurping up insects...right outside my kitchen window- then flying back to feed the babies! Sure makes doing dishes a little more pleasant!

N is for sewing notions, too! Recently, I was at the .25 cent store and picked up this vintage lace, ribbon and rick rack...4 for .25 cents. I'm not completely sure what I'll do with the ribbon. However, my cousin has her order in, for me to make more homemade gift tags. Which I really enjoy doing!

N is for the NEW book that my nose in buried in! My friend Matt loaned it to me. He and his wife, are in awe of how life changing this book is. They are both Christians and swear this is the best book they've read...outside the Bible. I'm on chapter 4. Have you heard of this book? If so what's your opinion?


jamie said...

Aww, that is neat about the birds! I bet they are so pretty. An idea for the ribbons also, is that you could use them to trim towels, dish towels, napkins, pillows, etc. Or the top of a tote bag. The colors are so summery!

Keep Your Head Up Gorgeous said...

Im glad Leon and Verna think about me! They must really care! What is up with Lenard changing his name to Leon anyways?

~Byn There said...

I've heard about The Shack. They discussed it at the last leadership meeting I attended at FCFC. Everyone that had read it was blown away by it. I may venture to read it at some point but I'm not there yet. See you soon!