June 17, 2009

M is for making the best of a rainy day!

making the best of a rainy day! pulled on the wellington's, my yellow, oversized raincoat, and wiggled my colander out of the cupboard then stepped outside to cut herbs for homemade peasant bread. today was the perfect day to have yeast bread rising and baking...with fresh herbs chopped, mixed with butter, and sprinkled on top! i took cuttings of them all.. parsley, dill, basil, sage, sweet marjoram, cilantro, garlic chives, rosemary, and oregano!

sure wish you could smell through the internet...because the house was heavenly! i made a total of six loaves and froze them all.

tonight, a pot sits on top of my stove with comfrey and mint steeping in 17 ounces of olive oil. it takes 5 hours to steep, then i'll drain the herbs off, melt beeswax in it and should have comfrey face and body cream!
in between the bread rising...i zipped up to redbox at our krogers and picked up a few movies! benjamin button, valkyrie and twilight. my intent was to cuddle down and sew while i watched twilight. the sewing never happened...didn't even get the needle threaded...have you seen twilight? then you'll understand why i couldn't take my eyes of the screen. i'm having a tough time describing my thoughts about the movie. i can only think of adjectives: twisted. wild. hot. weird. creative. serious. deep.
just one of those movies that leave you wondering. 2 thumbs up. smile, wink, nod.


~Byn There said...

Mmmmmm. I can smell it. When are we getting together next week? I'll tell you the A+C situation then and my opportunity for spiritual growth. lol

Holly said...

twilight?!?! really?!?!! i just can't seem to want to watch it. MMM i really need to try to bake bread it's just so scary!