May 22, 2009

one and the coon!

"ugh?" I said to myself, when I spotted this dead raccoon. let's investigate further....... gosh, I'd sure like the tail for my nature table... thought I. And, I have nothing thawed out for dinner...ummmmm?

i could tell the coon was dead... i even prodded it's foot. their paws/pads are soft like the bottom of our feet! just in case you wondered.

so i picked it up. it's much heavier then one would think. that is... if one ever thinks to themselves, "i wonder how much racoon's weigh?" not to worry MOM... i am wearing clear plastic gloves.

i would of loved some teeth, but remembered i already have a skull at home. so i had tommie chop off the tail. with an ax. how else?

when we were finished, we threw the carcass in the bed of my nephew's pick-up truck. i wish i could see his face when he finds the tail-less dead coon!

how did it die? well, a girl has to have some secrets doesn't she? especially when she doesn't want to offend any of her blog readers! smile, wink, nod.
now....what's for dinner?


Lisa said...

Um. Wow? lolol

No, really, I admire that! And if I ever find a dead, um, animal, I'll know who to call!

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Uh huh. Please tell me you don't pull the wings off of flies too lol. I have never looked at any dead animal and thought, gosh, wonder how that would look as a centerpiece...and I'm from Texas lol.


~Byn There said...

So how was the coon stew? lol

You make me feel so convicted for not couponing but I'm just not there yet. I don't even get the paper and I never want to go to these coupon email sites because I think its a scam to get your address and send you more junk. Help me overcome, sister!

Have a great weekend. Look for Alex to be on the register at Burger King very soon! She got the job, they are ordering her work clothes then they will put her on the schedule. Woot!

Anonymous said...

rather fetching pictures of you there Michelle!- Janet M