May 21, 2009

freebie, deals found at Meijers this week!

$6.50 is what I paid at Meijers yesterday for $48. worth of groceries! I matched my coupons up with Sunday's flyer and also printed off several from and
2 loaves of Aunt Millies bread .50 cents each
2 strawberries $2.00 (they're having a big sale, a dollar each. I plan to freeze them!)
12 boxes of jello for .30 each
1 box of Ritz crackers for 1.50
2 Tabasco sauces for .18 each
A1 Steak Sauce/Marinate FREE
Wheat Thins FREE
Sweet Baby Ray's Maple grilling sauce 2 FREE
Sweet Baby Ray's sandwich sauce FREE
Sweet Baby Ray's dipping sauce FREE
If you're serious about getting started with couponing... cut out all the coupons that say "on any size"...that way when there is a sale... you can get the best value.
freebie of the day? click right here: walmart garnier free wrinkle cream and fill out the takes all of 30 seconds! plus, walmart free samples always come you're not wasting your time.


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Anonymous said...

Okay- new plan-Michelle is going to be offering a class for all us moms at co-op! Couponing 101!

I'll be your first pupil. I'm pretty sure that Lisa will join too!