April 01, 2009

thrift shop and library book sale!

yesterday, i headed to the local library book sale! i didn't find all that much. nothing that we didn't already have or could easily borrow for free from the library. i did find a foxfire book, which is a good keepsake for our home library. i was really pleased to find a couple of free rachal ray magazines and a couple of free organic gardening magazines! my mom surprised me, by showing up at the sale... we decided to head to a new-local, local salvation army and shop for treasures. the smell of strong disinfecting floor cleaner was just too much! but the prices were spectacular..... i was happy-oh-so-happy to find two old navy wool sweaters to felt and craft with, for just .50 cents each. the baby buttons on the pink sweater are well worth that. mom and i had mcdonald's sweet tea and chicken wraps in the car and then i headed to our homeschool nature scavenger hunt at a local park. twelve families participated. it was cold. very windy. but we pressed on. it made my heart fulfilled to see all the children very involved. very well behaved and breathing in the clean fresh air! would you like to see more? my friend lisa has a little overview on her blog Cornerstone Home Learning!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a fun day! Where is the salvation army store at?


Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

You have an award awaiting you on my blog :)!

Penny \IiiI

Lisa said...

I love that color pink. Someday, I'd love to go thrifting with you!