April 02, 2009

cousins part two!

Tommie and his Chicago Cousins... had a great time on Wednesday! They enjoyed collecting all of these 12 gauge shot gun shells. Leftover from skeet shooting. Not to worry...they did not shoot. Nor was it happening when they were around. They were just leftovers!
I had bought the best kites ever...at Dollar General! For just a buck each! They were easy to assemble. Came with a string. And smaller then norm. But, man oh man....did those thing ever fly!!

Lean in...look close and you'll see the kites in the sky! This is my niece Rebecca. Below, my nephew Joey!

And, here's Tommie...who's kite got tangled in a tree (and is still flapping around today!)... he's trying to pull the kite out of the tree...hence, the stance below. True or False? The string broke? That'd be true.

The kids also painted their EMU eggs... I took snaps of them...but, they want their parents to be surprised...so I won't post them, until next week.
Our intentions were to have a bonfire with hotdogs, chips, etc. And, s'mores. But the wind was so wicked yesterday....that we had to take a raincheck.
oh happy day!


Lisa said...

What a lovely kite-flying day!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all are having tons of fun! I can't wait to see the emu eggs. You should try and wax them with designs. That makes beautiful eggs as well.

CU tomorrow