March 09, 2009


The Simple Woman's Day Book for Monday, March 9th....

Outside my window: It's just about dark. It's been a cold, damp day...AGAIN!

From the learning room: This week we're rowing Grass Sandals from Five in a Row Vol. 4. The adventure takes us to Japan, Haiku poetry, the Milky Way, and more.

I am thankful for: leftovers, the internet, my church

From the kitchen: the dishwasher running and an empty cookie jar.

I am wearing: black workout pants and tee--- and a wool sweater over it. hair straight up in a pony tail, like Pebbles, only it's not as cute, since I'm 44. No shoes, sitting Indian style in the living room.

I am reading: blogs and more blogs!

I am hoping: we get a ton of rain tomorrow, so things get green, really soon!

I am creating: a penny rug pin cushion!

I am hearing: the dog snoring, the movie Batman and Tommie excitedly saying, "these guys have machine guns!"

Around the house: washed and changed the bedding today, I made homemade pizza dough mix, and for fun during homeschooling, we took a break and played Bunco, after dinner tonight....Tommie and I headed outside for fresh-cold air-- he shot his air gun and I picked up 2 arm loads of sticks and twigs that have fallen.

One of my favorite things: my soft pillow with the flannel pillowcase!

My plans for the rest of the week: Michigan History class, scouts, decorating for St. Patrick's Day, making Rhonda's Artisan Bread, pricing books and such for homeschool co-op, creating lesson plans for two classes at our homeschool co-op... which I've volunteered to cover... one class is State Quarters, surprisingly interesting and a Busy Bookworm class...which I'll more then likely use Fiar or Homeschool Share plans...


Lisa said...

I'm amazed at the things you post about your State Quarters class!

Anonymous said...

I like your life :)- Janet M