March 10, 2009

Favorite things!

On Sunday, I whipped up this little cell phone pocket! I used a recycled sweater...the white fabric is a sweater cuff! The other wool felt are just odds and ends from my mom. I think it would make a nice gift card holder, too!

Have you been over to my Twisted Education blog, lately? This week finds us on an adventure in Japan. If you're can find the link on my sidebar!

In Monday's mail, I received a couple of nice FREEBIE'S that I sent away for! One is a free one-year subscription to Body and Soul a Martha Stewart publication! The other sample was from and I received a good trial size Selsen Blue Shampoo. We don't have dandruff...but hey, it was free!

Well, I'm off to watch my favorite show, "The Duggar's"... I just love Michelle Duggar's pleasant, pleasant, gentle personality!


Lisa said...

Adorable! I'm impressed!

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I love my little cell phone purse. I'm actually using it now as a resting place for my Zune :).

I got some coupons in the mail that I forgot I sent for lol.

The Duggars creep me Octomom with religion...meh.


Holly said...

It doubles as a gift card holder what a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Ray loves watching the Duggars too- me not so much. I just keep thinking of all the work that needs done when I see there clean house!

OH well!