March 16, 2009

simple woman's day book

the simple woman's daybook for 3.16.09

outside my window: dark. pleasant. and a really feel-good day outside today!

from the learning room: ugh. i tried the homeschool workboxes that seemed like a good idea. not that it isn't...but it just isn't a good fit for our charlotte mason, relaxed, unschooling, child-led, project based homeschool. i felt like it was too schoolish. i'll explain more tomorrow on my twisted education blog.

i am thankful for: probiotics! they've changed my life immensely! brad's too.

from the kitchen: a fresh batch of breakfast cookies. a lukewarm glass of iced tea leftover from dinner.

i am wearing: olive drab columbia hiking pants, mis-matched socks, black hoody, white long john shirt and black tank over that! rhinestone barrette and fake diamond earrings. make-up worn off.

i am reading: the list of new blogs on my sidebar. have you seen them? they're just utterly awesome. shudder. and, also... the queen's fool.

i am hoping: garage sale season opens soon!

i am creating: the penny rug that i blogged about a few posts back. and lesson plans for the two co-op classes i'm volunteering to teach. oh, and maybe a saint patrick's day decoupaged plate, tomorrow. if so, i'll take a snap and post it.

i am hearing: jon and kate plus 8. tommie giggling. wishing he had that many siblings.

around the house: brad in the recliner, dog in the chair sleeping. one small lamp on. tommie snuggled up next to me here on the couch....with very cold feet. saint patrick day lights all lit up.

one of my favorite things: my home.

my plans for the rest of the week: a nature walk in the park tomorrow, michigan history class, homeschool co-op, dyeing my hair, a very cool 80th birthday party, putting nesting material out for the birds, and i'm really looking forward to the rain on wednesday. i just love the smell of it, in springtime. smile, wink, nod.

picture thought: the picture above is by gustavo aimar.


Lisa said...

Your home is one of my favorite things too! lol

Mismatched socks!? Like Penny's?! lol

Lynn said...

Michele, I loved hearing about your world. I have been visiting here several times lately and then was just too crazy busy to have time to leave a comment, but I love it all. I am going to have to try one of those little rugs. So very cute! I am inspired by everything.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Your Friend,

PS -- I'll be visiting your homeschool blog as well. We absolutely love the workboxes, but one of the reasons is because they mesh so well wiht my work schedule. On other days -- hands-on, unschool days -- I can see us foregoing them.

~Byn There said...

really rain on Wednesday? awesome I need to loosen up some of these weeds around here so I can pull 'em!