February 22, 2009

Sunday Night!

Are you watching The Oscar's tonight? I am. Yep...I really enjoy seeing all of the beautiful dresses and I must admit, the jewelry is beyond outstanding this year! Angelina is absolutely breath-taking. Mickey Rourke is the comeback kid and Heidi Klum seems really humble.

I spent yesterday and today... in a pretty humble state, myself. I did the housewife thing...grocery's, post-office and Goodwill, laundry, church, visited a different homeschool co-op and I blew up the starter on our vacuum cleaner.

Today, I cleaned like a maniac...and I'm most proud that I stayed off of the internet for the entire day! I even cleaned cupboards! I must tell you.... I used my homemade cleaning products, that I blogged about a few posts back... I am utterly amazed at how fabulous they worked! All of them - especially the scouring paste did the trick!

I thought I'd take a picture of some of my favorite things around the house! Above, is what one corner of my kitchen counter looks like. It's not for show...I use it all. And, most of it came from garage sales or thrift shops! I am itching for those yard sales to start up again!

See the chair above? I bought it from our favorite neighbor. $4. It had been in his barn forever...literally. It is really shabby chic. Really banged up with history.

This is what houses our balsamic vinegar! The olive oil stands behind it...like a secret service agent!

Yesterday, I found this workout video for a dollar at Goodwill! It's been a really long time, since I kickboxed...and I have to tell you, this tape is pretty awesome! It's broke down into two 20 minute cardio workouts- which works out well for my choppy lifestyle.

I saved a couple of gifts that I received from Christmas. Sometimes, I do that. It's a treat to bring them out.... right about this time of year...you know, when you need a lift? Above: a fresh green apple candle and olive oil kitchen soap!
I hope your weekend unfolded nicely, too!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that chair!

You have a great blog and I just love the shabby chic ideas.

~Rachel another MI h/s mom ;)

Lisa said...

I love all your thrift store finds! I watched the Oscars too - wrote about it on Mirkwood. And, I just can't ignore this - Another hs co-op???

Holly said...

I have the hardest time commenting on your other blog so... I loved the leather crafting, was it a kit? I'm going to post Riley's new handi craft too, and he won't want anyone to know either ;) We will be "scout schooling" through the next couple of weeks just trying to finish up a few things for the B&G!

Lynn said...

Michele, I love the things you showed us! I love your style. I think we'd be running after the same things in Goodwill, but I'm sure we could work things out! LOL.