January 16, 2009


I just love burning candles.. on these cold wintry days! Something about the little flicker, brings a feeling of warmth and coziness to this tiny little house! One of my favorite scents is vanilla and sugar cookies! How about you? What's your favorite scent?

Oh and last Saturday, I picked up a couple of ivory colored sweaters, at the .25 cent store! I came home, washed them...then with a jar full of vintage buttons and scissors in hand...I sat Indian style on my living room floor and made these sweet little heart ornaments for Valentine's Day. I think I'll paint a big branch white, stick it in a vase & decorate the branches with them.... (I plan to make a few more!)

Another tradition I love is...forcing bulbs, this time of year...I have a few white flower bulbs blooming! I planted them back in December! I also planted cilantro, sweet basil, parsley and dill... they seeds show promise! I spotted little green sprouts, tonight!

I thought you might like to see what my sweet next door neighbor gave me.... this newborn calf milk bucket! He used it on his farm for years and years...when his cattle delivered calves! I just love it...it's quirky and it has a lot of history! Click on over to my
Twisted Education blog and check out how I put it to good use! We're in for a big white snowy weekend...and I can't wait! I don't care too much to be out in it....but it is pretty to watch!
Dinner tonight? Pot Roast, (free) mashed potatoes and garden vegetables from last summer's harvest! Sure did smell the house up nice!


Anonymous said...

Shell I would like this bucket toooooooooooooooooooo Looks like you are having a fun month. haven't read you for awhile. your coupons look really good. Wife swap last nit had a coupon mother on and she was really good. also. Takes time but I guess we have alot of that when we don't work. I do clip also but just local paper and only kroger as that is where i go.

Lisa said...

The hearts turned out cute!

Anonymous said...

what neat hearts-- Janet