January 27, 2009

This is for the birds!

Oh, how I love projects....good projects that take 10 minutes or less! Yesterday, I meandered down to my recycled bin..(remember, I showed it to you in my Twisted Education blog?)... and pulled out the mesh tomato bags that I've been saving! I then meandered back up to the kitchen...pulled up my sleeves and made homemade bird suet... you have to mix it with your hands or it just isn't the same! The birds know this...I mean, they can tell if you put "love" into the prep work or not! My ingredients: chopped apple and strawberries, end-of-the-bag cereal and cracker crumbs, old peanuts, thistle seed, corn meal, cheap lard/shortening and peanut butter. it. I don't have an exact recipe...I just eyeball it. I tied a couple of long pieces of raffia (you can find it at the Dollar Tree in the craft section) and randomly tied them in our trees! Fun, easy, thrifty and useful...that's what I like! smile-wink-nod!


Holly said...

wow Mich you must have some birds if they can tell if you used your hands or not! :) caly--- she wanted to type her name!

Lynn said...

What a great idea! I love your frugally fun ideas.