January 26, 2009

Like a squirrel.............

I've really been enjoying Meijer's 1-day Saturday Sale! On Saturday, they advertised Tyson Chicken (bags) for $3.99 each...usually they're $10-$12 a bag! Whoppin' big savings...so I picked up six bags! Yesterday, after church...(in which the sermon was about anger...which was pretty fitting...because gal-darnet...there's a lot of that floating in the air, here in Michigan!) Oh, where was I? Okay, so I came home and made several freezer meals!

above: bbq chicken...to be served over wide egg noodles or as a bbq sandwich!
below: chicken catcitore (sp?) to be served over pasta.

I also made 3 big jars of homemade applesauce to freeze and 2 jars of Mimi's Chicken-Tortellini Soup!

Like a squirrel....after they cooled, I put them in the freezer. The big casserole pan with the foil on it is a very fattening comfort food-type casserole.

Well...time for me to get busy with everyday life. I'll be back very soon! Happy Monday...and remember, try smiling a little bit more today! It's contagious!


Robyn Parton said...

Could you just come and cook for my family....nudge, nudge, wink

Lisa said...

Yum! Yum!