January 02, 2009

Movies, books and games!

Today, Tommie and I went to the movies and saw Bedtime Stories! It was excellent! Great actors, silly-good story line, very far-fetched and tweenager friendly.. team that up with two frozen cokes and a small popcorn to share...and it's a fun way to spend an hour and a half! Me, personally? I give it 5 stars. I just asked Tommie and he rated it a 4 or 5. Definitely, worth watching the dvd when it's released!

We've also been addicted to the new "Clue" game.... it brings back childhood memories! Miss Scarlett, in the living room with the candlestick.........

This week, I started the read-aloud, Good-Bye, Billy Radish. It's about, World War 1, steel mills, and has a wonderful story line especially for boys! I'm surprised it didn't win any awards. It's nice to read about another war besides 2. It even has REAL PHOTOS inside! Bonus!

The game, Dangerous Book for Boys, board game was left under the tree from Santa! We've been playing this quite a bit, too! Although, we do not have the book.

My mom gave Tommie the game, "Shut the Box," or some people call it, "Button Down the Hatchet,"... according to the instructions...this game was played in English Pubs (using high stakes!) and sailors used to play it on the big ships-sailing from African-Indian and European ports... We spiced things up and gambled with quarters. (I won $4.) We all loved this game...it was quick moving-- and you don't want to quit! I can see how the Englishmen, may have lost their thatched roof houses and herb gardens! smile-wink-nod!
Has your family enjoyed any new games, saw any good movies or started any new read-alouds lately? I'd love to hear about them!


Heather said...

OOooooh you have to get the book Dangerous Book for Boys! Tommy would love it.

We also found that game under our tree.

Love my scrip to Homeschool Enrichment. Totally worth it!

I hope you had luck at the thrift store.

Heather W

Jennifer Unsell said...

Glad to hear that Bedtime Stories was good. We can't wait for it to come out on dvd!