January 01, 2009


YIKES! I've been bitten by the crafting bug!
This is somewhat unusual for me....I'm not generally a craft-type person. I do appreciate those who do, however. I can't sew or knit...I am to shaky for painting and I can't cut a straight line. I wish I could. But, what can I do? I just need to do the best with what I have to work with! (This is one of the last sentences my dad said, before he went to Heaven.) I apply it in all facets of my life.

That said, I'm excited to share a few crafts I found on the Better Homes and Gardens website! Crafts for people like me...that need easy, quick and quirky projects. This month, I look forward to making these "teacup bird feeders!" I have several teacup and saucer sets, that I don't use..plus, there's a Goodwill just up the street! I think I'll make several of these at different heights and put them in my herb garden in the Spring or give as gifts!

I'd like to make these candle holders, too...I think Tommie would enjoy making these with me! Here's the How To link!

I just love these pin cushions! My aunts, COUSINS, friends and mom, would like getting these as extra gifts!!! Click here if you'd like to learn more!

I've never made soap...maybe this winter, I will attempt it!

Oh, and here's a really fun site that I stumbled upon... it's Crafts from Dollar Stores... I only surfed briefly..some things look pretty tacky...others might be fun and easy... see what you think...click here

I'm also loving the look of felted-wool crafts. And, would like to attempt something using that method...perhaps hot pads or stuffed-silly animals?

So, tell me .... what sort of crafts do you have planned? And while you're at it...link me to your favorite crafting site... since, I'm pretty new to this. smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

I'm not very crafty either. The felted trees look cute and easy too.

Michelle Cowden said...

The Crafty Crow is a fun blog where craft ideas from the blogging community are shared. It calls itself a "children's craft collective", but many of the ideas are fun for grown ups, too. The site address is: http://belladia.typepad.com/crafty_crow/

Have fun!

Wee Pip said...

I like crafts, but never like how mine turn out. My fav craft was in high school - I turned a Nerds candy box into a Shaker house, complete with tiled roof (and when you shook it, it made a rattly noise). No one knew how I made it! I did make REAL soap using REAL raw ingredients (water + lye + fat/oil). But I was too cheap and used cheap ingredients, so the soap wasn't very nice (it worked though and you could get a lather with it). Great chemistry experiment, though!