January 22, 2009

favorite things!

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this past year, is and was this primitive rug...which my mom made for me. She uses recycled wool, dyes it in her own kitchen...to the desired color and then goes to work! Well, it's not really work for her...she really is passionate about this New England craft! It certainly is a work of art to be shared and taught to others! She belongs to a Primitive Rug Hooking Guild in the next county over...which meets every week or so. She has quite a big selection of rugs, which she's hand-crafted.

The rug matches our living room just perfect! We love this, mom! Thank you-again!

My favorite magazine subscription came in the mail two days ago! I still haven't sat down to read it. You'd think being home everyday, all day, all night and living in a tiny home....that I'd be caught up! That's just never the case! Anyhow, I look forward to flipping through this magazine very soon! They usually have some pretty good recipes! How about you? What is your favorite magazine?

Speaking of good recipes and magazines.... my eyes... thinkowl big blue eyes...spotted these free Taste of Home magazines, at our give-away rack at the local library! I found a recipe, which will be wonderful for our Revolutionary study...it's Rhubarb-Cranberry Cobbler. I have both fruits, frozen in our freezer! Pretty darn handy.

Ready to see some serious clutter? I'm heading over to my Twisted Education blog....to share our recycle bin! Please don't think less of me for my junk and disorganization! smile-wink-nod....


Lisa said...

That rug is exquisite!!

Wee Pip said...

the rug is gorgeous! I can see why it is a favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love Real Simple too--cut out the recipe in the last issue for ravioli lasanga and sent it to one of my non cooking sisters--she WILL learn to cook before getting married!- Janet