December 26, 2008


It's over. Christmas, that is. One things for sure, this has been one of the most stress-free and relaxing Christmas's I've ever had! I hope yours was, as well. I'd enjoy reading any holiday tips that saved you time and don't be shy, click on "leave comment," and share with me what worked well for you!
Here's a few of my Christmas hits: using Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie dough in the red bag-very tasty and easy-no mess!, making homemade gift tags, buying ribbon 1/2 price throughout the year from Joann Fabrics, having a big stock of gift wrapping paper-that I purchased after Christmas last year, ordering through's used book site, gift cards, for quick and cheap Christmas card pictures, waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts...I have never, ever done this... ever. But, this year I did. I was able to save just a ton of money...even getting 5% instantly off of my grocery bill at Meijer's. The sales were completely insane. Having Christmas parties here at our house, back to back....which means keeping up with housekeeping and organizing! STOCKING UP ON SCOTCH TAPE from the Dollar Tree, REYNOLDS WRAP, GLAD BAGGIES, VANILLA and RUM flavoring, FLOUR AND EGGS...AND A LOT OF IT. Keeping homeschooling real basic and simple the week before. addressing and stamping Christmas cards early, baking a bunch of chicken up to eat on and off throughout the week: chicken soup, wraps, salads, etc., the freezer dough gifts I blogged about, a few entries back, cutting way back on gifts for the immediate family- except Tommie, don't laugh...but, many of my gifts come from Salvation Army or Goodwill... I've found great cookbooks, old time radio mystery and comedy tapes, vintage aprons and shabby chic cabbage rose plates! The thing is, when you give thrift store gifts, you have to know who to give them to and who NOT to give them to. Some people on my list would be totally offended- others would think it was the best thing since sliced bread! we had the typical family gift exchange with about 20 people...had to bring a gift for either a man or lady... $25. limit. I filled a big box with 5 different kinds of birdseed..tied big red bows around the bags and a birdseed scoop. This was a fantastic family fought over it, throwing chairs, calling each other names and throwing the turkey against the wall... think Jerry Springer! just kidding. IT WAS A HIT, THOUGH.
Time for me to sign off for today. I have to jump on the treadmill and walk off these sugar cookie calories. See you in the morning! smile, wink, nod.
p.s. Did you go out and hit any after-Christmas sales, today?


Wee Pip said...

Glad you had a stress-free Christmas! My tip: buy something for the relatives that YOU'D like, so if you don't end up giving it away, you get to keep a great gift! LOL. I've always been tempted to make all my Christmas cookie dough in Nov and freeze it, but have never actually tried it. I think it'd be a good idea though. No, we didn't leave our house today, but I don't like crowds anyway:)

Lisa said...

I bought thrift store gifts too, for several of my kids. Books are good thrift store gifts since they often look brand new. This year, I got about 8 Magic School Bus books there that seemed never read! I also got a lot of books on (Yes, I always give my kids books for Christmas!) Planning meals ahead really helped me this year and shopping online for gifts helped too. I have realized that shopping in crowds just saps my strength and December shopping is just the worst since I am on a deadline. We don't go anywhere on Christmas Day and that simplifies the holiday for us greatly!

Lisa said...

I thought of one more thing. I don't decorate much. Decorating is stressful for me, although I think some people really really like it. So, we are happy with our tree, a few small decorations (I put away some normal decorations to make room), our Christmas books and the kids Nativity sets. One string of lights and a wreath on the porch and then we are set.