December 09, 2008


The Simple Woman's Daybook for December 9th....
OUTSIDE MY WINDOW: Pitch dark, security light shining down on the snow and ice!
FROM THE LEARNING ROOM: Horizons Math workbook, Prince and the Pauper, kleenex box and notebook. Rite-Aid sale flyer. (Our learning room is the kitchen table, kitchen counters and couch).
I AM THANKFUL FOR: I had another melanoma scare, went to the doctors...all is fine. I'm also thankful for these wool socks I have on, good friends, a happy child, instant coffee and the free hot chocolate coupons at McDonalds that were in the Sunday paper.
FROM THE KITCHEN: A half eaten gingerbread cookie, red gloves laying on the counter and a vanilla candle.
I AM WEARING: (remember it's just 6:30 am as I type this)... black wool socks, two thermal underwear shirts-layered, polar fleece sweatshirt, reindeer thermal longjohns, bed head, no makeup. I AM A REAL WORK OF ART.
I AM READING: The Virgin Blue and will start on Victoria Olsteen's book, very soon.
I AM HOPING: We get a lot of good, meaty homeschooling done today! And, the lady I'm selling a book to off of Craigslist shows up tonight, before a tea I am attending.
I AM CREATING: Tons of those recycled characters in the previous post! I just love them and really, really enjoy making them!
I AM HEARING: My fingers clicking away on the keyboard, the frightening hum of this laptop and the clock tick-tocking.
AROUND THE HOUSE: A few craft supplies from Joann Fabrics, my winter coat hanging on the back of the kitchen chair and it's pretty dark I can't see much more.
ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Getting comments on this, c'mon... say hello and let me know you're here and link me to your blog, if you blog.
A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK: A tea at a local church with friends, honkering down with homeschooling, grocery shopping, maybe a homeschool Christmas swimming depends how social I am feeling, a friend of Tommie's on Thursday afternoon, scouts and I think that's it.
HERE'S A PICTURE THOUGHT I'M SHARING: This is what I have on my desktop for a background... what's on your background? Now, don't be shy...leave a comment! smile-wink-nod.


Jen Unsell said...

I love getting comments too. Few people seem to leave them though. I've had you linked from our blog for a while now Ivy. ;-)

Michelle Cowden said...

Ok, since you asked, I'll leave a comment: I enjoy your spunky blog! My blog (Grumpy doesn't live here) is two days old and has a link to you on it. We just started unschooling and I've gotten some great ideas from you. I also love reading about your thrifting and couponing adventures! Wishing you happy holidays! And glad you're melanoma scare turned out all fine.
Michelle Cowden

Lisa said...

My desktop background is a picture of Catherine Moreland and Henry Tilney, the heroine and hero of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey (2007 movie version).

I have two pair of Smartwool socks that I adore and they are wearing out. I need new ones!

I bet you looked cute in your thermal layers and bed head! lol

A JoyFilled Life said...

You sound very cozy! I'm in layers this morning too, with fleece pants instead of flannel.

Anonymous said...

HI Ivy (Michele) not sure which it is. I love your blog. I am on the FAIR board. How do you decide what to study? I am loving this Charlotte mason approach that you are using. Did you read the manual? Was it helpful? Thanks,
Kim in Indiana