December 07, 2008

The best CHRISTMAS CRAFT ever!

Okay...are you ready for the cutest, cheapest, best, creative-energy buster, and most fun ever... Christmas craft in the whole wide world? The thing with me and crafts is...I need something I can complete in one sitting or I never get around to finishing it!
I found this blog.. which shows and tells about different little characters you can make...drumroll...using empty food boxes!
Yesterday, after taking Tommie to the Christmas Parade...I came home... turned on a predictable Hallmark Christmas movie and honkered down on the living room floor, spread out my supplies of old buttons, scissors, colorful brads, and sharpie marker...and went wild making ornaments! I WISH MY CAMERA WORKED...because I made a few pretty sweet people!!! I used: a SWISS MISS HOT CHOCOLATE BOX, a POP-TART BOX and a CHEF-BOY-ARDEE PIZZA box.
I can't begin to tell you how much fun these were to make... they really came alive and have their own quirky, lovable personalities!!
I didn't include Tommie in this organized craft...he's always snubs his nose at crafts, unless they include a hammer and nails! However, this craft sparked his curiosity... I soon heard him asking for the scissors! He made a giraffe and a turtle and is looking around for pre-package food boxes!
I did have to make a quick trip to Joann Fabrics for some TRENDY, colorful brads... I found them in the scrapbooking department... I was able to print off a stack (yes, a stack) of these
40% coupons to use against it...making the package of brads around a dollar and a half per 50 or 100. If you plan to make these ... I suggest buying different sizes of brads...I didn't and now I have to go back to JF today! CUZ' I'M MAKING MORE OF THESE SWEET THINGS! smile-wink-nod!

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