December 01, 2008


Today, we'll be wrapping up our four-day Charlotte Mason-UNsChooLing unit on the Tropical Rain Forest by Jean Craighead George that I "homemade!" I am very happy to be finishing this up.. it was a fun adventure- where we tapped into new and unexplored areas! But, I am more excited about our next unit....stay tuned!

If you're interested in some of the topics or ideas or websites, that I used this past week.. take a peek:

I only gave .25 cents for this I decided to use it as a "living workbook!" A cheap living workbook at that! One in which I wrote notes and required Tommie to circle 5 prepositional phrases on various page numbers, etc.

SPELLING: I pre-read the book and pulled out 45 spelling words that I knew he didn't know how to spell! I didn't give him all 45 at once, I broke them down into different days and used them the Spelling Power way. Today, he'll have a test on all 45 words. I also had him write them in sentences, add suffixes, prefixes, plural and talked about the parts of speech. This seems like a great accomplishment...45 words in one week... it is in fact, but let me remind you he is behind in this is helping out tremendously with playing catch up!

READING COMP: I required him to use narration.

HANDWRITING, LANGUAGE ARTS and SPELLING: I did dictation with him...and I made mental notes of which words he struggled with.

GEOGRAPHY: Map of Venezuela, flag, Orinico River, review of Tropic of Capricorn and Cancer, longitude/latitude and read about products grown in Venezuela.

SCIENCE: Learned about several different animals: sloths, flying fox bats, mccaws, termites...and the worlds largest flower- it only has 5 petals!

I made a homemade scavenger hunt, I call this "internet research" (on paper) using this site and today we'll wrap things up by learning about the bibliography in the back of the book I made a scavenger hunt up for that as well. And, he'll be visiting this site to pretend he works in eco-tourism!
The thing I love about the CM method is not only does it reinforce the story, spelling words, science and geography, it frees up a lot of time to explore other things in life.... or math! (which is long division...and tons of it! and is way to time-consuming) ugh!
I have plans for us to make banana creme cookies, today as well! But, with 4 inches of fresh wet snow...I may be the one baking them while my boy rolls around in the snow! smile-wink-nod!


Holly said...

What a great little unit and 45 words in a week!!!

Lynn said...

Sounds like a great study! I may copy you, and I'm really interested in the study you are doing now -- the great fire, plaque, etc. You are a great mom and teacher!