November 30, 2008

Thrifty thoughts and treasures!

I found this very vintage Scabble Sentence Cube Game, just this past summer, at a church rummage sale! It was .25 cents. I googled this game...and well, they just don't make these anymore...unless you visit Ebay.

I would think there would be a good market for this game..within the homeschool community? Well anyway, my point is... we've sure found a lot of little learning tools at garage sales and thrift shops, which make our days a little perkier!

I'm also thinking a game-swap with a friend would be fun and thrifty?! Maybe trade a game for a month or two?

The other night at Rite-Aid, I was able to pick up 7 of these Altoids mints for free! Our ad showed they were on sale for .99 cents. I had exactly 7 one-dollar off coupons for them... making them totally 100% free.
If you treasure hunt... what sort of goodies have you found, lately? Leave a comment for me and the other readers!

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