December 03, 2008


I understand,
Kmart is offering double coupons up to $2. until December 6th. This afternoon, you'll find me sauntering through the store with my coupon box and snowboots on...trying to save a buck or two.
This week with homeschooling... we're learning a lot about The Great Fire in London- 1666 and about The Great Plague which was burnt out by The Great Fire. More importantly.... we'll never hear RING AROUND THE ROSEY quite the same way anymore. Did you know that song dates back to THE GREAT PLAGUE ERA? Here's what the orginal RING AROUND THE ROSEY MEANS:
RING AROUND THE ROSEY: If an infected person had pinkish-red rings or blotches in their groin or armpit area (painful) that was a sign of THE PLAGUE.
POCKETFUL OF POSIES: The English used to keep posies of herbs or flowers in their pockets and sniffed them often...they believed THE PLAGUE was spread like a gas in the air.
ACHOO-ACHOO: Sneezing was a major symptom...many died before reaching this stage.
WE ALL FALL DOWN: people died.
The Great Fire of 1666, was started in a bakery on Pudding Street, by a man named Thomas. Tommie doesn't know how the fire started yet..... I've been giving him clues on and off...building his curiosity and excitment... only to be revealed on FRIDAY!
We'll be making a homemade fire extinguisher as well, this afternoon... My digital is acting I'm not sure I'll be able to get a picture...but I'll try.
P.S. Did you notice that the shoes in the picture above have nothing whatsoever to do with this blog entry? I just thought they were really....__________. Now, it's your turn....You fill in the blank.... leave a comment!
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

shoes are really----funky

Lisa said...

Did you find some good deals at Kmart?

The shoes are sparkly.

Michelle said...

The shoes have a button plague. LOL
I love your writing style. It really engages the reader.
Thanks & Blessings,

Holly said...

I see Aunt Janet beat me to funky so how about painful lol

Anonymous said...

nope not Aunt Janet- Lisa Wagner's sister Janet :)

Lynn said...

I have to agree with funky.