December 04, 2008

freebies, deals and my mail carrier!

I just found about this freebie offer... a free cookie cutter! Just click here and fill out the really quick and simple form! I picked the bow cookie cutter. But, I also signed my mom up to receive the snowman! Even if you don't bake or even if you already have similar cookie cutters.... don't you think they'd be cute tied on top of a Christmas gift for a friend or tied to a wedding shower gift? I do.

I did in fact, saunter through big Kmart yesterday. For $3., I bought: 1 box of lotion Kleenex, 1 big box of Tampons, 2 packages of Halls cough drops and a box of Kellogg's cereal and a box of Johnson and Johnson band-aids 30 ct.

The freebie's are starting to flow in our mailbox...but I still think our mail carrier takes what she wants. I just have this sneaky suspicion... I mean, who's to say she didn't stuff my Pillsbury coupon booklet under her floor mat? Ugh...shudder...just what is this world coming to? I guess she didn't want the free sample pack of KOTEX... 5 different products... since she post-menapausal and all. I also received a free coupon for a free bottle of Bob's BBQ sauce and a free "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THE WHOOPING CRANE POPULATION" dvd...
I did do my part last night, and went out to stimulate the local economy. I started Christmas shopping. It was painless- yet successful. smile-wink-nod.


Holly said...

You really think the mail lady is keeping your freebies, well at least you don't have my mailman he's best friends with Griz from camp lol

Lynn said...

Michele, LOL. :)