November 22, 2008


I found a few freebie samples to share with you!

Don't let the picture of the Dr. Pepper scare you off! I don't drink it either..well I did back in 1978 with my Arby's roast beef sandwhich....but not anymore! However, I will be filling out the quick form on November 23rd, the only day you can sign up to receive a free coupon for a 20 oz. bottle. I will be signing my mom up to receive one as well. So, just what are my plans? To donate it to our homeschool co-op as a go-along for the pizza lunches that are served! You could also donate a bottle to your church or scout group! Visit this site on the 23rd and sign up!

Now here's a wonderful sample that I've received in the past! Liquid Tide! They don't skimp on their samples, either... it's a big, thick packet! No survey's. Just a quick sign-up. Click here: Tide Sample

I also just ordered this Buffalo Soldier poster to hang in our homeschool room...also known as the side of our kitchen refridgerator!!! smile-wink-nod-it's true! It's a quick and pain-free sign up... if you're interested in hanging posters for visual teaching aides...or just really think the idea of hanging a poster on the side of your refridgerator is awesome, click here: really swell poster for my homeschool room or side of my refridgerator!

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Holly said...

YAY! I love love love the new blog Mich... it's so much FUN!