November 28, 2008


I wish I could tell you that I love shopping on Black Friday. The deals really do look pretty incredible. And, with the state of the economy...I am indeed, pretty darn foolish for not heading out with my travel mug of instant coffee and Nike's on. The truth is... crowds put me on the edge...and I seriously break out in a itchy red rash on my neck. I did slip out yesterday...early Thanksgiving morning... to grab a few rolls of wrapping paper for .59 cents each, Maybelline make-up for half price-plus I had dollar off coupons- which made the mascara I bought a dollar each. And, I did manage to find a Playstation Indian Jones Game for 1/2 price...$15. And then there's the shampoo and conditioner we use on sale for .65 cents--which I bought a years supply of. The store was not at all crowded and I was able to easily maneuver my cart through the aisles without I decided to swoop down the mayonaise aisle and pick up two big jars of miracle whip for .99 each. Oh, and there's the buy one get one free bottles of Excederin Migrane...which I had coupons for..making them something like a dollar a piece. smile-wink-nod. But, that's the extent of it.
If you're going out this weekend...taking advantage of all the offers, then I'm posting this for you... the deals look wonderful..I really hope they are helpful to you! Click here: over 200 store coupons
Come on back and tell me about your deals, bargins and shopping experience! Leave a makes my day!

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Wee Pip said...

Thanks for the heads up! I hate Black Friday crowds too:( But I think this is how my non-hunting husband "hunts". We went out around 8am this morn and picked up a few deals. I tried waking us up at 5am but we all fell back to sleep.