April 16, 2012

Yesterday, Sunday... was a humid, rainy, dark day. 
Just the kind of day, you either chose to sleep and nestle in or clean like a mad woman.  You would think with this killer-sciatica nerve... which radiates and tingles to the bottom of my foot... would of given me a good excuse to enjoy the couch!  But, I pressed on... and cleaned like a mad-woman!
I'd embarrass myself if I told you how many garbage bags went out to the trash!  I tossed craft-junk that I never got around to finishing, expired food from the pantry, etc, etc, etc!!! 
It helped cleaning like a mad-woman, since my boys were gone for the day.  My brother-in-law has a rental home, quite near here.. and it caught on fire... burnt down.... and my husband and son went to help gut the thing out. 

Safety tip:  the resident was using an electric sander in the bedroom, then laid it on top of some fabric (towels? blankets?) and it over-heated.  He left to run to the store and came back and the house was on fire. 
Thankfully, everyone was fine!

Have a cheerful Monday!


jamie said...

Michele, your flowers look so pretty! Hope your sciatic nerve is getting better. Happy Tuesday, my friend! :-)

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Yikes! That sounds scary about the fire!! I'm glad everyone was safe!!

Mitzi said...

I love your cheerful rooster planter! Let's hope we have a sunny weekend...