January 06, 2012

when i see dreamy cottages like this... i can't help imagining what the lady of the house is doing inside?
is she snuggled up with a good book?
baking molassas cookies?
bubble bathing in lavender soap?
knitting by the fireplace?

how about you? 
what do you think the lady of the house is doing?

smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

I think the lady of the house is curled up with a book while bathing in a lavender bubble bath and enjoying the smell of her molasses cookies she just took out of the oven!!!!! The cottage looks like a little piece of heaven!!!

Thanks for taking my mind away to a more peaceful place for a moment!!!

Lisa from AR

MICHELE said...

you're welcome lisa... and your comment was cute!

Lynn said...

I think she is in the backyard working in the flowers! :)