December 22, 2011

on tuesday, i met my friend rhonda at starbucks, for a little christmas season fun! maybe it doesn't sound like that big of deal to you... (wink), BUT, starbuck's isn't a place either of us frequent.  because, well.... we're too cheap  frugal.  and quite honestly, we'd both rather use our $3. on a gallon of gas then coffee.
ahhh, but 'tis the season for celebrating with those you love, so we both parted ways with our $3.00 and splurged on peppermint hot chocolate and pumpkin latte (something or other).

and.... we enjoyed a cozy game of scrabble!  besides about 100 other mutual interests... this is, for sure one of our favorite things to do together.

i've never won a game with her.  probably because she makes me play with the board upside down like this. 

i did score 42 points, on one play.. (note: starbucks cup sleeve). 

after the game,
we left with warm hearts,
 filled with the spirit of Christmas and promises to meet again, very soon!

smile, wink, nod!

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