December 19, 2011

like you, this christmas season is keeping me busy as a bee!
i am way behind in everything. 
the little things.
this season found me busy working at a few different places.  places which i've enjoyed working at immensely.  and, i'm indeed, thankful to have many job opportunities.  especially in michigan's rocky economy. 
i have two days off before i work again... in other words, the next couple of days i'll be flying around (like a bumble bee), getting things organized for the big weekend.

how about you?
are you all set for santa?

smile, wink, nod.

1 comment:

jamie said...

Done with gifts. I think. But, haven't started cooking or baking yet. Next year, I am going to start knitting projects earlier. I keep saying that...
Merry Christmas, my friend, and blessings for the New Year! :-)