October 22, 2011

flea market find!
on my kitchen window sill, you would find....
this banged-up-seen-better-days head vase.
there's a chip right down in front... sort of near the cleavage.  i plan to epoxy a vintage rhinestone to it.
i know it's worth nothing.  it cost me just as much.
but, she makes me happy.
and that's what it's all about!

what's on your kitchen windowsill?

(hi jamie.. thank you for always leaving such pleasant comments.  i appreciate the time you and other commenter's take!)


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I like her! I think the chips add character. I don't have window sills but if I did, I would probably have Fiesta ware on them! :)

jamie said...

I like her, too! I like the uniqueness. If you put flowers in it, it would make it look like a flowered hat.
I always look forward to reading your blog! It always puts a smile on my face. :-)

A Vintage Green said...

I have collected a few of these wonderful head vases and usually they have a big chip or so. A dahlia fills the whole hat when the season is right. Love head vases.
= Joy