October 14, 2011

changes, addictions and dinner.

my new addiction.
on-line scabble on pogo.
then we can play together!

other things on friday:
gluten-free cashew chicken for dinner... excellent and thank god for leftovers!
rainy. windy. barely a leaf left on our trees.
 seasonal outside street markets are over for the season.  which means, i won't have to roll out of bed, insert a drip caffeine i.v. into my arm and drive in the wee hours for set-ups.

my work at the mansion is gearing up for the holiday season... i missed working there this summer.  thankfully, the owners really work with me and permit me to take time off when i need it. 

one week from today... we get our new puppy.
zoey.  but we're calling her zoey-ella.
say it fast.
has a good ring to it, don't you think?

i'm thinking of doing live blog-casts.  now and then. 
what do you think?  i mean, the louis armstrong music would have to go.  but it's time for that anyway.

so, my faithful blog readers.... watch and see... sometime soon... i'll be talking to you live.  well, kind of.


jamie said...

Love the name! It does have a nice ring to it. Sounds like you have lots of great stuff happening! Happy Saturday!

jamie said...

Oh, yeah, forgot to say that it's lovely that you have time to relax and drink your coffee now. It sounds much more enjoyable than the iv drip. ;-)