July 03, 2011

GaRdEn Art (letter A)

 garden artwork!
this sunday afternoon, found me in my white rocking chair, under the apple tree... using my hands to create this "tea time" wind-chime!

it's sort of cute here, but in real life, it's very cute!
i found a bag of tea tins, at local goodwill, for .99 cents.  the colander for a quarter and i already had glass beads in my junk cupboard.

yesterday, i found a bag of these (above) spice tins... a dime a piece, at a garage sale, 'round the corner.
can you guess, what i'll be doing with them?
smile, wink, nod.


Sue Smith said...

Love the wind chime! My 8 yr old son said, "Wow mom, that looks like something fun to make!" Now I know what to look for at thrift stores and yard sales :)

Anonymous said...

My mom had a star colander just like yours..I loved it and wish it still existed!- Janet M

jamie said...

Such a cute idea! Very creative, Michele!