June 29, 2011

sweet baby jane... would you look at what's made in america?

cupcake paper inserts!

has it really come down to this?  you know, when we do a double-take (or triple) when we see
 "made in the u.s.a." in print?

my eyes grew big and bigger yet..  i reached for my camera... i read those RARE words:  made in u.s.a. 

thanks, betty crocker... for keeping the baking industry-related jobs..  in the united states! 

 here's a list of more betty crocker products made on our good old american soil:


Tonya said...

Thanks for sharing!! It is becoming rare to see things made in America. Our family even tries to support the local businesses when we can, but Walmart keeps putting them out of business!

jamie said...

Sounds like a good excuse to me to make cupcakes! :-)
It is amazing to see how many products are made in other countries.

Sue Smith said...

Finding items made in the USA is a treasure hunt for us!