June 26, 2011

little hot pink shoes!

i lost consciousness, when i spotted these sweet babies at a local thrift shop.  inhaling and exhaling--only long enough to ask the clerk to see them, for they were positioned perfectly and out of reach behind the counter.... you know...  where all the high-end, haughty-taughty, not your everyday pricey merchandise is.  she joyfully said, yes.  yes indeed, i could. 
my blue eyes spotted the label.  although i am not label driven.  i did smile when i saw they were diesels. i smiled even more.. looking and feeling the hot pink satin fabric. with a chinese flavor.  well made.

carefully, i searched the size.  my heart beating stronger... faster.  biting my bottom lip and remembering to fully exhale... i slipped on the right one. nice. then the left.  dreamy.  soft.. much like an uncooked marshmallow.  squishy. only not sticky.  no, in fact.. they were very clean.
clean used shoes. and they were in my future.

i'll be honest here.  it was the end of a double market day for me.  i had been on the pavement, braving the elements of the weather, since 6 am.. the thrift store clock said 9:30.  i don't need to tell you, that i looked a little rough.  okay, a lot rough.  i must of had a slight whine to my voice, when i said, "$15." because the plucky clerk, quickly interjected... "oh, but they're 33% off, tonight." 
i exhaled and smiled.

as i drove north.. homeward bound, with my locks blowing in the wind.. and carly simon's c.d. playing full blast, i fell even more in love, with my little hot pink shoes sitting beside me on the passenger's seat.
i'm not sure if i was just tired... but, i'm believe i heard the little hot pink shoes look over and whisper, "thank-you."

smile, wink, nod.


Mitzi Curi said...

Love the shoes, Michelle! Didn't we have the most beautiful weekend? This is when I love Michigan!

CC said...

Love the pink shoes! :)

jamie said...

LOL Those are so cute! What a perfect way to end the day. :-)

Lynn said...

Love this!!! You found a beautiful pair of shoes, and I am sure they are happy to be on YOUR feet! xoxoxo Lynn