March 31, 2011

here's a snap of my beautiful mom and me.. in 1966.  we loved shopping, even then!

i don't like to complain, here on my blog.  but today i am. 
my blog = i'm allowed to whine!

i suffer from restless leg syndrome.
always have.
but, it's become increasingly worse.
the only relief i can find is to continuously move around.  walk around, treadmill, stretching and standing.  the prickling.  the tingling and the spontaneous leg jerking is exhausting.  this morning i awoke at 5 am, with a dull throbbing pain, down both sides of my legs. the worse thing about it is, trying to sleep with my husband.  the spontaneous leg-jerking happens about every 40 seconds during my sleep... which makes sleeping with me insane.  hence, he opts for the couch.  speaking of couch, the other night, i fell asleep on the couch and he and my son watched my legs jerk around and flip in the air.  (think of a fish flipping).  i know there are so many people who would trade places with me... in the big scale of things:  japan, libya, Israel, terminal illnesses and financial ruins..  i do know it's nothing serious.. it is hereditary (thanks dad!), but imagine, always being tired and having your two biggest muscles aching 24/7. 
i popped two aleve and now i wait. 
standing up, of course.
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to this post, I live with my parents and my dad has restless leg syndrome. My parents will often sleep apart because of the leg jerks/spasms. I wish I knew what to do for him and for you- Janet M

Jenny said...

My husband has this and our chiropractor has helped him ( and me too) with stretches for the IT Band (runs from the hip down to the shin). When it's not stretched properly it will ache and then begin to create spasms. You may have already covered this, just thought I'd mention....maybe it will help :)

MICHELE said...

jenny and janet,
thanks for the tips...
i'm feeling better... and best of all, BECAUSE the only relief i get, is when i bop around... i've accomplished a lot, today.
always have to look for that silver lining, ya know?!!! lol

your pal, mich.

kidkapers said...

My mom has a mild form of this. She read somewhere that putting a bar of soap ... she bought a store brand, under the sheet near where her legs rest worked for this. She tried it and it has worked beautifully for her. It is rare now when this occurs and has been a great relief for her. It has been over 6 monthes now and she sleeps so much better.
Let me know if it works at all for you.