March 22, 2011

happiness today is:

beautiful snow falling
 delicious farmer's casserole
 a new bottle of pantene hair conditioner
new homeschool curriculum success
2 miles on the treadmill
a new hot pink work-out top
plugging into our church's podcast
listening to our governor,
rick snyder on t.v.
finding a great deal on reynold's wrap and stock-piling it!
netflix dvd about george westinghouse


according to glenn beck, we should be stockpiling food, etc.  have you started to?  if you are... what items are you tucking away? 

1 comment:

jamie said...

Farmer's casserole-that sounds really good! We plan to have a bigger garden and can more. I guess we probably have a good stockpile already as I tend to be a little obsessive about it.