March 24, 2011

flea market finds!

at the flea market on sunday, i just couldn't pass up these cute little dishes!
i especially love the tiny legs on this one!

 and i for sure, couldn't pass up this splendid cake plate.  complete with age cracks and without any chips.
i would bet the lady who owned this plate, made the best chocolate birthday cakes for her family and it was a special tradition to use this plate!  (never mind me.... i love making stories up about my new treasures!)

total splurge?
8 quarters.


Anet said...

Beautiful finds...
It's nice to think of the loving hands that once used such a lovely cake plate.
8 quarters, awesome!

Mitzi said...

Those are some nice flea market finds, Michelle! You have a good eye for special things. By the way, do you ever think spring will arrive? I'm soooo over this cold weather!

Have a great week!