January 05, 2011

winter white wednesday!

late afternoon yesterday, we had a breathtaking snowfall! while i was driving in this mini-blizzard and gripping my steering wheel with winter-white knuckles, my son tommie snapped this picture of our snowy patio!  can you spot the woodpecker?  (on the hanging suet feeder!)

foot and toe update:  still black and blue on one foot and very light sprained feeling on the other.  but, i'm not walking around like i'm starving for attention and i should be good as new very, very soon!

something new i wearing.... johnson's baby lotion. my mom gave me a pump-bottle, as an extra gift at christmas!  it's such a comforting smell! reminds me of when my baby was a baby!
smile, wink, nod!


Anonymous said...

So glad your foot is doing better! Pretty snow picture. That sort of brings back memories of the time we lived in upstate NY. Definitely the driving part. lol (not that funny, though) I love the smell of Johnson's baby lotion, too.
Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Also, meant to say that I am glad that you made it home safe!