January 20, 2011

a homemade memememememememe


to my left i see: my dog laying on the couch next to me and a tube of clinique dry skin creme.

to my right i see: a vase with fake lavender sprigs and a lamp that is much too small for the end table.

in front of me i see:  the sony tuned into man vs. wild, a backgammon board set up on the table and a video box about the bible on the floor.

behind me:  darkness.

thinking about:  sleeping... since i awoke at 5 am and stayed up.  dark and cold in the house.

learning:  how to whip stitch, sir conan doyle and different camels in asia and africa.  all for classes i'm teaching tomorrow. 

last place i searched on the internet:
maryjane's farm forums.  i could get lost for weeks at that site!

what i'm wearing:  yellow polka dot fleece pajamas, mis-matched polar fleece jacket, with red nike hoodie underneath.  wet hair.  just colored it... those roots sure do sneak out!

outside:  during the day... tons of purple finches and bluejays.  and... the blue birds decided to stay!

wishing:  for more snow... actually a snowstorm would be ideal! 

making:  chicken broth for the freezer.

money saving tip:  using coffee filters for quick clean-ups.  found clearasil on sale for a dollar a tube.  we'll soon be needing it.

what my oven would say:  get these dirty cookie sheets out of me and put in a raspberry gluten-free pie!

time to close the lid on the laptop, use the dry skin cream that my face soaks up... almost immediately  and work through the bible.  i signed up to "read the bible in a year."  i'm behind.. but, better then not at all.  wink.

see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love memememe's! That was fun to read Michelle. And I think it is supposed to snow this wknd!- Janet M

jamie said...

That raspberry pie sounds awesome! Have a great weekend and hope you get some snow!