January 01, 2011

day one!

new year's day... found me creating a lambswool purse, from a recycled sweater and my kitchen curtains.  it started like this....

my curtain's were ivory colored, tattered and shear... i decided to accent the gypsy bag and infant hat, with strips of the material.

both hat and purse were no-sew. and i didn't use a pattern.
there was just a lot of tying involved and thoughtful planning for the layout.

to add a little class to the purse, i embellished it using vintage buttons, i found at the flea market.
as much as i adore the purse and hat... i must try to sell them at the market or mansion. hence, the black and white photo, attached to the purse... it's my price tag.

i think i need to make myself a pair of these felted maryjane slippers, too.  what do you think?  click here and now!


The Smith Family said...

Love the purse and hat!!! You are so creative!!!
Happy New Year!

MICHELE said...

Happy New Year, too! And, thank you for the compliment... love those quick afternoon crafts that are cheap to make!!!

jamie said...

What a clever idea...so cute! I can see you setting all kinds of cool trends. :-) Bet they will sell fast.
Have a very Happy 2011!

Fran. said...

Michele, hello. So sorry about your fall! Sometimes I think our pride gets hurt more than we do! Don't you? This purse you made is so cool! Very clever of you. I came over from Mitzi's blog as I was reading her blog post about Owosso. I too live in Michigan and probably about 45 minutes from there. I'm in Mt. Morris. Stop by my blog sometime if you get a chance. Hope you're on the mend. Take care, XO Fran.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
I just stumbled onto your page in search of "sweater purses" :) I loved the photo of your purse. Upon reading your info, you are ME! lol!! I had to send a message. I love you! I am also a homeschool mom, a couponer, a thrifter, and always looking for easy craft projects.My girls and I are trying to make these sweater bags and I do not sew. It is a challenge. I love your NO SEW purse. I have subscribed to your blog, so maybe we can share ideas now. :) Hope you have a blessed New Year!!