November 24, 2010

what makes you smile?

these things make me smile:

hot mandarin tea
pink polar fleece pajamas
looking through black friday newspaper ads
(although i refuse to go... crowd anxiety syndrome)
a new/used novel, sitting on my coffee table... waiting for me.

              my new lemongrass-lavender soy candle
                  supporting local businesses
                   my faux ugs-two years old
              a family of blue birds in my backyard
                  they haven't flown south yet!

a cheap rhinestone candle holder found at salvation army $2.
(see picture)
leftovers of cabbage soup, corn bread, squash and chicken broccoli/cauliflower bake.... all thrown on the table, smorgasbord style!
being blessed with free fresh flowers each week, from a vendor-friend, at the market(see pic above)!

what makes you smile?


Jamie said...

I love a good novel, too. Mmm, dark chocolate, my guitar, rainy days, anything lavender or pine scented, dogs! Have a fabulous weekend!

MICHELE said...

i love rainy days, too! i didn't know you played the guitar!!

jamie said...

Whole-heartedly attempt, anyway. ;-)
Have a lovely day tomorrow!