November 12, 2010

not to proud to dumpster dive......................

while at the market sunday, i meandered over to the plastic trash can to
throw my bacon, ranch salad container from mcdonald's away.  when what did my blue eyes see?  but this discarded vintage scrap book! not bothering to look around... i scooped down and salvaged it from the life of a dead-end landfill.
giddy, is how i felt when i started flipping through the homemade pages and found get well cards from 1962....

playing detective... i noticed this belong to a 16 year old girl from our area.  1962.  her name was sharon.  she must of been quite sick, because this scrapbook was maxed with get well cards.  there were also, letters and notes of get well wishes. 
i especially love the graphics on the cards!
i pitched the book, but did manage to gently peel the cards off to save! 
 safe to say, i've started a new vintage card collection!
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Wow. I would love to know the whole story behind it? Wonder why they tossed it there? That is interesting.

Anonymous said...

how cool!~ I get a kick out of vintage greeting cards; what a find- Janet M

Lynn said...

Michele, what a find! You know I love the detective work!