November 01, 2010


one, tough lay me flat down, all day long migraine. accompanied by chills, sensitivity to the slightest light and sound and a good mix of nausea. not even a vanilla milkshake can cure. nor excedrine migraine medicine. slept deep for a couple hours this afternoon. and woke up, still ill but, honkered down writing my nanowrimo novel. 2000 words. 48,000 to go. what a tough, tough challenge. sure hope i'm up and feeling better tomorrow... too much fun stuff to do and need to do. smile, wink nod~


The Smith Family said...

Sorry about your migraine! Hope you are feeling much better today :)

jamie said...

i hope you feel better, Michele ((Hugs)). Give yourself some extra TLC this week!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Hope you are feeling better today!!