October 13, 2010

me and cousin don.
not really my cousin.
it's just his name.
i've seen him around our neck of the woods all summer.
i also heard he was the farmer's market director
to some of detroit's upscale communities.
when i spotted him... i knew i had to meet him.
observing him... i knew he must have one heck of a story.
i needed to know what it was.
the opportunity manifested itself on tuesday.
my son tommie, had a FFA (future farmers of america) project, due this week.
he had to interview an entrepreneur in the agricultural field and do a report on it.
i thought about cousin don.
we did a little investigating
on the world wide information highway...
and found links to his website. then, set out to make a phone call for a visit.
he was thrilled to help us out.
we made the trek to his 5th generation farm... located in the backwoods of our county.
while tommie was interviewing cousin don...
i enjoyed snapping pictures of some unusual farm scenes.
after the interview... we learned he was featured in
american farmer's: the heart of america book
and also interviewed on martha stewart.
yep, you read that right....
he was invited to appear on the martha stewart show.
after the show, he and five other guests, were invited to her
farm...for the afternoon.
he humbly, told about what a privilege it was.
and i would agree, totally.
wouldn't you?
cousin don, is one of the biggest advocates for
he has a voice that is being heard. and loudly.
a christian man... who gives all credit to God.
an eccentric character.. yet simple.
with overflowing passion.
aside from his message of supporting farmers....
we gleaned... that in life, you need to make connections.
he was adamant about that.
his final message was... that we need to use the tools we
have. brain tools.
before we left... he went into his house... which says Jesus Saves, on the
roof, and asked me to read this book, The Last Farmer by Howard Kohn.
i couldn't put it down!
if you've read this far and would like to see more...
check out these links:
(click on the side bar and scroll down to where it says.. american farmer's part one... excellent interview)
cousin don was featured in this book!
*note: cousin don wears an orange shirt everyday.

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