October 23, 2010

busy, is what we've been these past few days....
dinner out with neighbors: caribbean cod. delicious!
homeschooling my babe.
finally... i finished the dress lodger book.
it took forevvvvvverrrrrrrrr.
today, i started a new book, glass castles.
also reading, politically correct bedtime stories.
which is absurd and hilarious at the same time.
taught two classes at our homeschool co-op:
the cuban missile crisis
oh that krushchev and castro.... sure
didn't want to play nice.
also a class on
maybelle the cable car and the
history of cable cars in san francisco.
today, i set up at a craft show... 40 miles away.
it was a dud. just shoot me, already.
there were 110 vendors.
i think the customers were overwhelmed.
they just couldn't focus.
that and the fact that all seemed to be having
serious hot flashes. many were grumpy.
there again, maybe because of the hot flashes?
glad was i, when 4 pm came and i could boogie out
and not look back.
well, at least i was set-up next to
a lady who was giving free hand spa treatments.
oh sure...
you can bet, that i quickly made friends
with her... so i could get free hand treatments!
i smelled like a vanilla bean all day.
the car is still packed and i'll be at another market
tacoes for dinner tonight.
managed to watch the old time movie...
the sting.
with paul newman and robert redford.
the picture above, i took when we visited uncle don,
the american farmer advocate.
time for me to shut the lid on the laptop and read
goldilocks and the three bears.... the politically correct version.
smile, wink, nod.

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Anonymous said...

You are reading The Glass Castle?
Great book! Put a lot of things in my own life in perspective- JFM