September 06, 2010

labor day 2010
64 degrees
rainy, dark, gloomy
nose is cold
feet, too.
homemade soup for dinner
with cumin
grey polar fleece
sweat pants, grey and white striped
netflix movie through xbox
mr. smith goes to washington
jimmy stewart
black and white
make popcorn to go-along
dryer humming
brad dozing
tommie chilling with friends
unfinished crafts
books wishing i'd read them
soft fluffy pillow looking at me
and me, thinking i'll flop down and relax.
hope you are, too!
smile, wink, nod.


Mitzi Curi said...

I did a little relaxing, but most of my Labor Day was spent at an auction, which is always my activity of choice! Now I have a carload of goodies that needs pricing....

jamie said...

Mmm, sounds warm and cozy! I am so in the mood for fall. :)

Anonymous said...

Incase you don't have this yet