August 19, 2010

to market, to market....

me. as the little piggy.
this little piggy went to market:
2 farmer's markets this week..., 1 to go.
10 hours each day.
this little piggy stayed home:
well, only to sleep and a couple hours each
morning... just enough to throw dinner
for my boys in the crock pot, laundry,
and freeze up some peaches, cauliflower
and green beans.
this little piggy had roast beef:
ugh, not really.
more like tim horton's blt on the way
and kettle corn from the markets.
this little piggy had none:
not true. there's always something to eat at the farmer's market.
our production managers make sure of that! they even order pizza for us!
usually bbq chicken pizza.
this little piggy went we, we, we, weeeeeeee all the way home!
but, man-oh-man, did this piggy have a good time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hate roast beef. love to sing the little diddy- but roast beef reminds me of ground up elephant ears ( the real elephant) not fair food! but I do LOVE bbq chicken pizza! --Janet M