August 13, 2010

9 pints of pizza sauce.
i cheated.
i used a packaged mix by mrs. wage's.
it was very easy to make. directions simple.
best price for the mix? wallyworld: $2.50.

yesterday, i had a booth at the farmer's market. i sure
do enjoy the customers and other vendors.
the excitement of
seeing a novice, heartwarming.
one local farmer, a lady a bit younger then me, took an order for 70 organic chickens. later, an order for 65. she was on cloud nine. rightfully so.
since the cottage law was passed, another young vendor... a mom who brings her baby in a playpen, and supplements her income by selling her canning, is breaking through at lightening speeds. she sold oodles of apple cider pancake syrup and peach jam.
it is a tremendous feeling, to watch these strong women... finding creative, lucrative venues, in these really, tough economic times, here in michigan.
i raise my glass to them. all of them.
smile, wink, nod.
oh, and i traded a couple of items, with other vendors... i came home with the famous peach jam and a quart of boysenberries!


jamie said...

What an uplifting post! I love farmer's markets like that. I use Mrs. Wages also. The ketchup mix is really good, too. Happy Friday, my friend! :)

Mitzi Curi said...

The last two days have been gorgeous, haven't they? Tomorrow I'm off to Florida, a real steam bath! Good job with the canning....

Anonymous said...

never heard of WallyWorld, is that a grocery store? - Janet Mell