June 16, 2010

picking garbage!

last sunday, while coming home from church... someone along the way was cleaning junk from their garage... and making a huge garbage pile by the road... my neck automatically craned around, my eyes automatically grew big as tea saucers and i automatically jerked the suv in reverse....

i'm not a confident garbage picker. yet! i'm not sure what the proper etiquette is for picking. do you take everything you want? leaving nothing for the next picker? are people peeping out their windows thinking, "what a pathetic greedy picker!", or is it yours for the taking?
that said, i just took what was easiest and sauntered away. beyond thrilled.
i came home with: a rubbermaid box full of children's books, many which i will resell- others, i'll donate, a wicker organizer which needs to be spray painted, a flower pot (i'll resell) and a ceramic garden pig- which i'll spray paint an off color... lime green, maybe?

then, i came home... put on my daniel greene french slippers... i know, doesn't that sound impressive? french slippers? don't be impressed.... i found them for $2. at goodwill.

and then, i arranged peonies in a cookie jar.

now, it's off to work at my church today. i've volunteered throughout the summer. i'm excited to be in an "all christian community," for the day!


jamie said...

Oh, I just love your peopnies..what beautiful colors! And I'm so glad that you came upon the finds. Especially the tub of books. Just to think that they would have been thrown away almost feels painful. lol
Have a blessed Wednesday! I enjoy reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

Shelly what fun you are having, love your cookie jar and the slippers.. Wow you buy good. Aj