June 19, 2010

oh! what a merry-go-round week it's been!
i've set up at
two farmer's markets and two mansion shows in less then a week.
a lot of physical work.
and small talk.
a lot of smiles and nodding with customers.
visiting with some pretty amazing people.
seeing how the upscale community due south of us lives.
people standing in line buying $5. loaves of basic bread.
flats of strawberries being wheeled out to cars at $30 a flat.
i said to myself... baby, you're not in kansas anymore!
packed the pick up with my show inventory and drove home.
happily exhausted.
thinking on the drive home, how materialistic the world still is.
oil well's spewing in the gulf.
people buying impulsively.
what recession?
i'm trying to make a buck.
wondering if my apple tree's will produce in the fall.
for canning applesauce.
listening to competitive mommie's talk about their kids academic achievements.
listening to them out talk each other.
they talk loud so everyone can hear.
conversation leads to sports. another competitive topic.
staring at my feet and thanking God, that i'm beyond that.
mind slips away for a moment... thinking about my bees and blackberries.
was the oil spill really and accident?
just thinking.
oh, it's nice to live in my world, where there is peace in hanging up laundry
under the apple tree.
AWOL's missing. do they have a plan?
time to cut lettuce for tonight's dinner.
and, think some more.
smile, wink, nod.


Wee Pip said...

It is nice to not feel the need to compete with other moms - seems like when they try to hook you in and you say, "I homeschool", they really don't know how to compare! Love your garbage finds:) Garbage on the curb always catches my attn, too, lol.

Anonymous said...

I want to live in your world and mine too..mine is full of recipes, tennis balls in my bed, dog hair in my car,teapot collecting, stacks of books by my recliner, garage sale finds and thrift store clothes- Janet M

Anonymous said...

you are a part of my world janet m.!!! mich